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Work Music

There's no denying that your work needs and has to be done in a given timeline for you to have a healthy and organized life. If your work will be in a suspended state, your mind won't direct completely towards other stuff that has been lined up for you (directly and indirectly) and for your dependents.

The nature of the incompletion of your work can range from the lack of focus and motivation, or concentration to the non-availability of the information that you need, further to the series of ideas that require to complete your task. And these variabilities can result in ways that might be tormenting in various aspects.

Based on these pain points, firstly you need to analyze the environment or ambiance that you need in your workspace. It could be silence, or some calming tunes, which could speed up things in your way. Opting for the former one: the silence doesn't come with insurance. You have to choose your workplace very carefully for that. But if you can accommodate yourself with even some marginal amount of music and adjust to it somehow, it can be quite productive. This adjustment can be of yours to any particular kind of music with which you are comfortable and can be called your work music.

Now, the categories of the work music, of course, vary depending on person to person.

Are you more inclined towards instrumental?

What most do you like in any music? Is it tunes or lyrics? If it's the tunes, then what types of tunes? If it's lyrics then what level of lyrics? These features can help you decide the feasibility of your work music.

The tunes of any music devise the theme and central power of it. If you are a fan of melody, then this is for you. Putting on some melodious instrumental assists your mind to drain the negativity and relax for you to work. The catch here, of course, is what type of instrumental will be more productive. Well, that depends on the nature of music your are in awe with, or any particular inclination towards certain type. Classical instrumentals like Beethoven or Symphony are a drag but they definitely pull you for a very long time because of their length, and length is very imperative if you want to complete your work in one seating within a span of some hours.

Independent instrumentals based on any particular song can be productive too, given the fact that you are in awe of that song...but the downside is the length of it, and it'll be over in less than ten minutes, which will keep on distracting you. For productivity, you can pile up all the independent instrumentals together and can level it up so that it can be like your own music box. It'll take your time for sure, but it's worthwhile.

Thirdly, some people are inclined towards fast tempo upbeat tunes and that's productive too. The reason behind it is that some people can match their energy to this music while working and sometimes it drives your thoughts swiftly as well, just like the music. The only downside is that it can be distractive sometimes if the music is too loud or the beats are too irregular.

Are you more inclined towards lyrics?

Lyrics always have their own importance when it comes to music. You have to relate to it in order to adjust it to your work music if you are considering lyrics as one of the variables. Sometimes, only tunes or instrumentals aren't enough to get you into your productive zone. Working on anything and subconsciously mumbling the lyrics of any song is absolutely a thing. Singing along makes you happy and works as de-stress, which altogether infuses creative ideas and thoughts that result in massive productivity in a very efficient manner.

The downside of lyrics is a distraction. Sometimes you get bewitched by the lyrics, which might be your favorite or the words that you admire and you're compelled to sing them. Your efficiency will tend to reduce at these times.


It doesn't matter much if you're a music person or not; if you're an instrument person or drive to the lyrics, keep peace with whatever works with you to get on with your task in a structured way. Work music can accelerate your task in ways you wouldn't have imagined, then again you must experiment with it in order to procure the degree of your work. I wrote my book "Grandest Revelation: The Exordium" while listening to my sets of music, and it boosted the emotions, which was passionately needed in the book.

P.S:- I've been writing this post with my work music on!

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