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Each and every revelation has a string attached to it—The String of Annihilation.

Author Story

Coming from a town in Madhya Pradesh, India, where Anubhav Anand grew up and spent his childhood, had seen, observed, and experienced a lot to jot down some instances of drama, which might be relatable with many. Working in the corporate world now, he has consummated his post-graduation in marketing recently.

He has always believed that masterpieces are conjured by the combination of imagination and one’s own experience. This belief of his has allowed him to write several poems, mostly based on the philosophy of life and attitude. He also has a keen interest in reading novels and watching creative content that has opened his mind to new ideas in the aspect of creativity and art. Grandest Revelation: The Exordium is his first attempt to start on his writership as a novelist.


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My Books

Astrophysics Professor Arthur Kane Davis survived a mysterious war, way before the Prehistoric era, only to brew plans in the present era to face the upcoming war once again. 

At the same time, Shawn Hammer, Grisha Hathaway, and Ravin Bhan encountered their respective hardships in different locations, just to unite together at a certain point where their paths were deemed to be crossed together. This convergence that they thought was a coincidence didn’t turn out to be so.

The trio learnt several theories and notions about their specialty that they thought didn’t exist or had no check with the reality. With the indulgence of Davis and other folks of their kind, the mystery began to unfold when they realized how large the picture was—they were the immediate descendants of the stars!

Imagine, if the stars would have life, then so they would have immense powers—the powers that have kept them alive for aeons; the powers that sometimes destroyed extraterrestrials and created chaos in the universe because the universe was divided between good and evil stars.

But then…did the descendants know everything? Have they entirely understood the notions and the origin of their specialties and powers? Would they be able to adjust, or fate would be revamped upon some anomalies? And lastly…was it just about saving the universe from the evil stars or some conspiracy lied within the structure?

In order to seek these answers, they’ll have to encounter multiple revelations…only to embrace the grandest revelation of all time.

Grandest Revelation:
The Exordium

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