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Timeline Of Book Marketing

For the past few days, I've been in the post-marketing phase of the book, and it hasn't been a cakewalk.

Well, writing a book is really one thing, but navigating it to the right audience is one of the utmost procedures. Now, how to get to the right audience?

It's not like there is a group out there, where any author would be getting all his readers at one place. Neither there is any group in terms of any category or any genre that could be targeted. And so, narrowing your content to the right audience is time taking process!

How to do that, you ask! Well, let's get to it.

Book cover
Grandest Revelation: The Exordium

I've been doing the pre-marketing, one month before the release of my book, Grandest Revelation: The Exordium, the very first of the series Grandest Revelation. Instagram, Facebook, word of mouth were my weapons...and it was nice, well, getting the word out. Then again, the targeted audiences were mostly of my region or were limited to the country. The underlying reason was that my connections were only specified to India. At the time of this scenario, I researched and connected to multiple bloggers across the globe. The idea was to kill two birds with a single stone. I wanted reviews from the bloggers, and simultaneously I wanted to extend the book, to create awareness of it.

Now, once the book was released, precisely on 15th June 2021, I began targeting some groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, which were specifically inclined to Writers and Authors. Posting in the groups might not get you much response, given that the traffic of the posts any group is always abundant. So, targeting personally would indeed take a lot of time from you, but it would definitely get you some readers who would be keen to read the book. And that's what matters, isn't it?

While I was targeting some international readers on LinkedIn, I got a suggestion from a member to not pursue this method of personal targeting, relying on the fact that it wasn't productive, and would not yield results.

"Private messaging in this way is not a productive method to get what you want, nor is it going to endear you to the strangers you're contacting," she said.

I almost considered her point, but the thing was that I already sent the messages to around fifty members before her. And...I started getting results! Almost one out of five were willing to read and review my book. A couple of them even instantly bought the book from the Kindle store and confirmed me.

Coming to the bloggers, which I was talking about before...there're multiple bloggers who work on distinct genres and review accordingly. Those bloggers are your target audience, and the readers following their piece and blog will definitely do justice to your book.

I'm ending this with two notes:-

Once your book has been released, you'll always be in the post-marketing phase of your book. The work never turns off, because there always will be someone, somewhere, who should read your book, and your book hasn't reached them yet. Well, for that, you need to work...pretty much always.

So keep on marketing your book, because it's a continuous process!

Second, never worry about book sales. And know this, the right target audience will materialize eventually, once you've released your beast out.

And as I said before, that it's a slow and continuous process, so there's a chance that your book might become a bestseller in five or ten years, and why not, after all, we've plenty of such examples!

P.S.:- The book Grandest Revelation: The Exordium is available on multiple platforms worldwide. Give it a try, if the blurb interests you. :)

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