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How to take any event optimistically vis-a-vis pessimistically?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Things happen! Event happens! That's how we had progressed from the previous day to the present day and that's how we would progress from the present day to the next. With loads of events...and misshapen!


How to take control of that guy, now? It's no mystery that any turn of events has the audacity to go through various possibilities. And in turn, any one of that particular events has the tendency to undergo one of that many numbers of the possibilities, but it occurs, or rather chooses the very one, which might be inclined to your desire or...not! As a consequence, sometimes, things do happen not your way. The misshapen!

At the time of that very darkest occurrence, your mind gets overwhelmed with a flurry of thoughts, some of them way too dark. You might, and will, tend to get disturbed. For some invariable timeline, you might consider that this is the end of everything. Your heart will gain weight. You will go through all the natural series of processes that a desolated individual person is entitled to.

You see, there always comes a time, when you desire that a part of your memory could be erased; well, only because you have achieved something far more ungracious in those moments or the window.

Do you know why?

Well, there always comes a time when you cannot even share some things with your closest ones, only because you are ashamed of the things that you have done or gone through. Why me? You tend to ask again and again, but there's a wall with white silence!

How to counter that?

Some might tell you to accept it and forgive yourself or the related parties involved in your event. Can it be that easy? Just to meditate on your worries and placidly get out of them. I believe not! You have gone through that misshapen, and you will go through the subsequent sufferings and the traumas that are awaiting you. There's no dodging that, for sure! But the underlying scope of countering it is by actually bearing it, realizing it, accommodating to it, envisaging it, and then relieving it.

You have to accept that nothing happens without a reason. If you are going through any tough time, then you are part of it and perhaps deserve it. You just need to get acquainted with that very event, register it in your mind, and then consider that it has happened for a very good reason. You were meant to handle it. You were the chosen one!

You might not like it at that moment, of course, but look at it this way...the misshapen has happened with you, only so that you can be stronger from the moment, the one you were before. How amazing, isn't it? There's no denying that you have suffered it, but now, you have embraced it. It's not about the experience, but the survivability that comes with it. You have to connect with it so that you can get over it.

And then...

Time will heal it. It always does. But before that, for the sake of your sanity, you can work with it to take it positively, for there's no reset button, and a matter of dealing needs to be done...only to keep you going!

P.S.:- Refrain to make any rash and unrelenting decisions at the time when the unforeseen event has touched you. If you are unable to talk to anybody, then immerse yourself into temporary happiness and strengths, which can allow you to resurface.

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Ashish Animesh
Ashish Animesh
Mar 03, 2023

Great observation and nice writing


Dinesh Jha
Dinesh Jha
Feb 27, 2023

Excellent and practical thought.All passes through such situations.The last stanga is really a divine one.

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